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Keys To Success In Sports Investing

Putting aside sports picks and sports handicapping, the most overlooked tool in any investment, whether short or long term, is Money Management. When the average recreational gambler goes to Las Vegas or Atlantic City or any other gaming resort, the player usually takes a specified amount of risk capital to the casino. Unfortunately, most mismanage their bank-roll and walk out empty handed. We’re sports investment firm, not a handicapping services; thus, we only wish to deal with individuals whose goals are geared to a long-term disciplined form of investing on the proper sporting events with the proper sports picks. Meaning, if you are a realistic individual, who is happy making a profit, bur doesn’t expect to hit the lottery, we are the firm for you. We have no desire to deal with people who aren’t working with specified amount of risk capital. If you go to Vegas, take only what you can afford to lose, not a penny more. Out intentions are to WIN in the long rum, but you must be realistic — anyone can have a bad day.

Financial Day Trading VS Sports Day Trading

Just like stock investment firms, who look at each and every company to determine its value compared to its current price, our firm does the same exact thing fir each team — akk 199 division 1A college temas and all 32 pro teams. These are the firms on our stock exchange, i.e. “sports exchange” all 151 teams. Our knowledge helps us go beyond sports handicapping: We know the ins and the outs of every team. We research what makes them decline in value, and we can predic when they will rise in value. Regarding sports picks, for 21 years, our firm has provided the most informed forecast of a team’s upcoming performance.

The fundamental difference in “day trading sports” & stocks is the selling aspect. When you purchase a stock, your next decision is when to sell. In the sports market, it is a one sided trade. You only have to “open” the trade. The trade closes when the game or race is over. Over the years, we have polled many stock traders; all stated the same scenario. Their biggest problem in the financial markests was deciding to sell. Many traders would not lock in profits and watch their is stock give up all profits. In the sports markets, all the stress of giving uo profits is over. No more worry apout when to sell.

"This is day trading at it's purest."

Benefits of Being A Sports Trader Comparison Chart
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